We have built a loyal following over the years through our strict observance of the grading standards established by the Train Collector’s Association and the Toy Train Operator’s Society. Grading and abbreviations used are as follows:

New in Box (NIB) – Brand new and unused in original box.
Like New (LN) – Free of blemishes, nicks and scratches with little sign of having been used or handled.
Excellent (E) – Extremely clean; may have tiny nicks or scratches and minor signs of wear.
Very Good – Average condition; will have some scratches and wear.
Good – Below average condition with greater wear and scratches. May have some rust.
Fair – Shows considerable wear, may have scratches, chips and rust.
Poor – Suitable for parts or rebuilding.

Where an item is slightly better or worse than the above grades, a plus (+) or minus (-) is added.

Any breakage, modification (such as repainting), or major reproduction part is listed in the item description.

We use the following additional abbreviations:

LC–Link Coupler
KC–Knuckle Coupler
CKC–Converted Knuckle Coupler
BC–Broken Coupler
SIT–Smoke in Tender
SIB–Smoke in Boiler
BS–Broken Step
NL –No Load
OB–Original Box
NIB–New in Box
SC–Solid Coupler
TOB –Tattered Original Box
OW–Original Wrapper
RB–Repro Box
SFR–Slight Floor Rust

Please bear in mind that many of these items are in excess of 50 years old. All operating items work unless noted.